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The Web Designer - Kade Smith

I grew up just outside of Idaho Falls, Idaho on a farm. My parents purchased our first computer when I was five years old. I remember wanting to learn to type because I thought it looked and sounded really cool (I was only 5, you can amaze kids with such simple things).

I first started using the internet and browsing websites in the early 90's. I developed my first web page in 1994 at Bonneville High School in Idaho Falls. I have really enjoyed designing web pages since. I continued playing with simple HTML sites until I graduated high school. At BYU-Idaho I studied Information Systems and devoted most of my schooling efforts to web design and database classes.

Opportunities for developing web development skills were hard to find in Idaho, so I felt very fortunate to get a job as a web developer at BYU-Idaho. While working on the web development team in the Information Technology department I learned a lot of web development skills and tricks to laying out aesthetically pleasing web pages.

After learning the web page development skills, I decided to give back to the local Idaho communities by offering quality web page design and web development at at an affordable price to the local small businesses struggling to develop a web presence. Web design is a hobby, so designing web pages gives me great satisfaction.

Currently I work full-time as a GIS Analyst/Web Programmer in Rexburg, Idaho which gives me time to study new technologies and learn new techniques for building web pages. As a professional in the web development field I know what does and what does not work on the internet, but I'm still a kid at heart. I understand it is fun to have a web site, and understand quality web pages are a valuable tool.

Eagle Scout with 4 Eagle Palms - 1994
Bonneville High School High Honors - 1998
BYU-Idaho Computer Association President - 2003
BYU-Idaho Information Systems B.S. Degree - 2004
Geographic Information Systems Certification - 2004
ESRI Special Achievement in GIS - 2004
Web Award Judge - 2004-2006

Last but not least is my biggest achievement in life, a husband and father to 4 children.

Kade Smith the Idaho Falls Web Designer